Ways To Use

Ways To Use My Combine Profile

Whether you’re a high school, college or organization, there are a number of ways to use My Combine Profile (MCP) to your advantage.

Internal High School Football Team Testing
Coaches no longer need to tabulate times, standings, and rankings via a clipboard. Use MCP throughout the year to monitor your student athlete’s progress from year to year. Everything from shuttle speeds to vertical jumps can be tracked with ease.

Host Annual Combines For Fundraisers
Raise money for local and national charities by hosting an annual combine sponsored by local companies. It’s a great way to showcase your athletes and support the community.

Personal Performance Trainers
Use MCP to promote your conditioning and training services—getting your athletes, and your talents, noticed.

Post To Social Media
Use the MCP social media upload function to get noticed via Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media sites.