Revenue Generating Program


During each combine event, there are six opportunities to showcase local or national sponsors. Each space allows a sponsor to display its logo and offer a special coupon or offering to viewers of the event.

Every year, team supporters are always buying booklets from local high school athletes with coupons from local vendors. And, every year, those same team supporters either misplace them or leave them at home when the time is right to use them.

Through MCP’s Revenue Generating Program, the online coupons travel wherever their phone goes—allowing them to enjoy the discounts anytime and anywhere. By adding a local company’s logo and offer to an event, viewers are able to have an offer sent straight to their email address on file. This means no more coupon books left at home—because the coupon goes wherever your phone goes.



Step One
Find local companies—such as sporting goods stores, health food stores, restaurants, home services, etc.—that can afford $250 or more of annual advertising to promote their products and services on the MCP app.

Step Two
Fill out the sponsorship form with the following information and send to

  • Company Logo
  • Name of Company (e.g. Amy’s Ice Cream)
  • Promotion (e.g. Buy one ice cream cone, get one free!)
  • Event placement (e.g. 40 yard dash, 5,10,5 Shuttle)

Step Three
MCP will send you an invoice to remit payment.

Step Four
MCP will upload the logo, offer, and rebate all dollars back to school or organization—minus a $50 surcharge

Revenue Generating Program Examples

Each event has six opportunities for sponsorship. Most Combines have five to six events per combine for a total of 30 to 36 ad opportunities.

  • $250 sponsorship x 36 ad opportunities = $7200 back to your department or organization<li
  • $500 sponsorship x 36 ad opportunities) = $16,200 back to your department or organization
  • $1,000 sponsorship x 36 ad opportunities = $34,000 back to your department or organization

Please Note: MCP only charges $50.00 per ad square regardless of sales price.