Scores in the Palm of Your Hand

My Combine Profile (MCP) platform was designed to quickly and easily tabulate combine results for quick and easy recognition—and also help raise money for athletic departments or other organizations.

With MCP, student athletes will have a complete history of all combine events tracked throughout their entire career, making it easy for coaches and trainers to showcase the results.

Easy to Track. Easy to Use.

Simply enter an athlete’s scores into a smart phone, tablet, or laptop – available anywhere the device can access the internet.

Once a score is entered into the platform, it’s instantly visible for the world to see. Coaches can also track any athlete in the system automatically through the app’s push notifications feature.

Alerts/Push Notifications

Student athletes, fans, coaches, scouts can easily follow participants in the combine by receiving a notification via their Apple iPhone or Google Android phone with instant scoring updates.

Revenue Generating Program (RGP)

For each event of each combine, there are six opportunities to showcase local or national sponsors. Each space allows a sponsor to display its logo and offer a special coupon or offering to viewers of the event.

For example, by adding a local sporting goods store logos to the event, viewers are able to press the logo and have an offer sent straight to their email address on file. This means no more coupon books left at home—the coupon goes wherever your phone goes.

Learn more at our Revenue Generating Program page